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Famous Puppet Death Scenes

Let us cure your fear of death; no more anxiety about difficult choices, no more dreading birthdays, no more desperate pleas for immortality through fame, art, or progeny.

Through a collection of famous scenes culled from the absolute best puppet shows in history, including Edward’s Last Prance, from The Ballad of Edward Grue by Samuel Groanswallow, The Feverish Heart by Nordo Frot, Why I Am So Sad by Sally, and the unforgettable Bipsy’s Mistake, from Bipsy and Mumu Go to the Zoo by Fun Freddy, the Old Trouts will deconstruct your traumatized psyche and reconstruct you so that death means nothing to you anymore.

In a way, we promise ever-lasting life. Through a puppet show. That’s right.

2014-15 North American Tour on now:

November 22 - 23 Margaret Greenham Theatre, Banff Centre, Banff, AB - SOLD OUT

December 9 - January 4, Woolly Mammoth Theatre, Washington, DC

* Helen Hayes Award Nominee for Outstanding Visiting Production


February 3 - 22, Majestic Theatre, Eastglen High School, Theatre Network, Edmonton, AB

March 13 - 28, Flanagan Theatre, Theatre Junction GRAND, Calgary, AB

March 31 - April 19, York Theatre, The Cultch, Vancouver, BC


Check out the Nathanial Tweak interview in the Washington Post.




Trunk Puppet

Did you hear an odd thump?

What’s inside that trunk? What’s that strange scratching sound? Oh no! It… it’s opening!
A show for all ages about what happens when you dare to unlatch the Big Box of Life. What wonders, what mysteries, what hilarity – what havoc – might be unleashed? Once opened, can it ever be closed again?

This new show, first conceived and workshopped in 2014, is ready for its Eastern Canadian Premiere at Montreal’s Festival de Casteliers March 4 – 8, then a Western Canadian Premiere at the International Festival of Animated Objects in Calgary March 14 @ 7:00 pm and March 15 @ 2:00 pm at the Downtown Legion Hall.

Co-produced with the support of the Calgary Animated Objects Society (CAOS), Old Trout Pete Balkwill is teaming up with Trout performing alumnae Anne Lalancette and Teddy Ivanova to face the hideous truth within.



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Famous Puppet Death Scenes

"one of the best shows of the year… not to be missed."
The Globe & Mail

"visually stunning and endlessly entertaining."
The L.A. Times

"dramatically engaging and visually stunning."
The Boston Globe





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