~ Builder-Apprenticeship Program in Puppet Theatre ~

A paid internship position of flexible duration, during which time the intrepid novice will join the Old Trout team to work on one or several upcoming productions, learning how to design and build puppet shows alongside the Old Trouts themselves – famous in the puppet world as hallowed gurus of inestimable grandeur – who now seek to form a crack puppetry dojo that will create marvels that will be remembered for a thousand years.

Applicants can be hallowed gurus in other fields that are interested in exploring the peculiar art of puppetry, or, failing that, merely blindingly talented. Contracts could be varying lengths and dates depending on how everybody’s schedule works out, and likewise the number of positions available is yet to be determined – however the first project starts at the end of August and ideally at least some of the folks we bring on board would start then or shortly thereafter. That said, there are other windows further down the road and so we’ll be accepting applications with no fixed deadline, given that we’ll be filling the positions on a first-come-first-hired basis.

Apply with a resumé, dates of availability, and a short letter telling us about yourself and why in God’s name you’d want to do such a thing and we’ll reply in short order.

Please send your materials to Istvan Trout at mail@theoldtrouts.org.

Graduates of the program will be issued commemorative mugs

and will be entitled to be called ‘sub-guru’ once the Old Trouts are dead.







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